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Our team at have comprised a list of top five best laptops for 2018 available on the market right now.

The list hasn’t been created in any specific order and covers options for every type of usage so whether you’re a student trying to get some work done or a gamer on a budget, we have got an option for you. To check the prices and deals on these products, click on the links provided for each product below to direct you to retailers offering the best prices.

Dell XPS 13 (2018 version)

Key Features –

  • Latest Quad-Core processor
  • 4 GHz Frequency
  • Simple Design
  • 3” Display
  • Use in all kinds of lighting

First up is the Dell XPS 13 (2018 version). Dell has been on a raging storm in the tech industry for quite a while now. Its commitment to delivering quality laptops has stayed consistent throughout the years – The current 2018 version of the Dell XPS 13 is proof of that. This laptop is equipped with the latest quad-core processor which aims to provide users with a durable and fast experience. It has a max turbo frequency of 3.4 GHZ while the processor is an i5, both combined aids in delivering quality performance.

When it comes to design, the Dell XPS 13 is not much different from the other classic dell models. Just like them, it features a silver and black exterior. If you’re a fan of the simplicity of Dell laptops, you can expect a similar design from this laptop. The display features a screen of 13.3″. To ensure that customers can use the product without straining their eyes, dell has added an anti-glare feature to this laptop. When you add this to the fact that the screen can be controlled by touch, you are likely to find the experience of using the product convenient and impressive.  Another feature of this laptop is its usability in all kinds of lighting. To make sure that you can work in dark as well, the keyboard is designed with a backlit function. Hence, even if your roommate or significant other tells you to turn off the lights, Dell ensures that your work does not get hindered.  The specifications for this laptop are as follows: The processor is an i5 8250U. Display has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The included ram is 8 GB. HD graphics are integrated into the product. it features a Windows 10 operating system. it has two USB 3.0 ports along with an SD card reader and the laptop has a weight of 1.22kg.

Dell XPS 13 (2018)
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Dell XPS 13 (2018)
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Dell XPS 13 (2018)
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Dell XPS 13 (2018)
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Microsoft Surface Book 2

Key Features –

  • Latest processor and software
  • Convert to tablet or studio
  • Very portable
  • Sophisticated Design

Next up is the Microsoft Surface book 2. There was a time when Microsoft was attributed to pcs however since then, the brand has undergone an evolution and has succeeded in delivering premium quality laptops as well. With the help of the surface book 2, Microsoft has managed to leave its mark in the niche of the 2 in 1 laptops. The laptop is accompanied by the latest processor and software which the company claims are professional grade. Together these two elements make sure that the performance of the laptop is enhanced thus whether it is playing games or getting worked on, this laptop is known to do it all without any glitches. One of the best features of the product has to be the various modes it offers. Not only can you use it as a laptop but you can also convert it into a tablet or a studio whenever the need arises. With three modes of use, consumers find the laptop quite a convenient and cost-effective purchase. It also marks Microsoft as a versatile brand. The weight to the laptop is quite light which further adds to the convenience provided by the product. You can carry the laptop along with you wherever you go since portability is one of the most desired features in today’s age, the surface book is doing quite well. When it comes to the design of a laptop, the 13.5-inch product succeeds in giving off a sophisticated aura – The slim design added to the white exterior all play a role in doing so. The specs are as follows – the processor included is a dual core i5. A total of 256 GB worth of storage is included in the product. The laptop has been successful in delivering twice as much power as other Microsoft laptops and the display has a touchscreen which is 13.5-inches in size

Apple MacBook Pro

Key Features –

  • Impressive Performance
  • Fast Drive
  • New Touchbar
  • LED Backlit Display

Next up is the Apple MacBook Pro. Apple has taken it upon itself to win the race of satisfying customers. Its MacBook Pro has managed to impress users like no other notebook in town by focusing on the two features that customers value the most. Apple has ensured its legacy.  The first thing it delivers better than most other laptops is performance, the impressive performance of the notebook is guaranteed by the addition of the newest processor, a high storage ram and quality graphics.  Each of these play a pivotal role in making sure that the performance of the MacBook is better than the others. If you wish to reduce the time it takes for you to store things on the laptop you can be rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with the performance of this product.  The inclusion of a fast drive allows a MacBook pro to import big files as well as use multiple apps at the same time. There was a time when function keys were located at the top of the keyboard. To stand out from the crowd, Apple has removed the function keys. Instead, this product replaces it by a touch bar. This means that you are not limited to these keys and they change as per your need. Apple has also taken measures to make sure that the display of the MacBook stands out. This is achieved through the backlighting of the display using an LED. Moreover, a high contrast ratio is delivered to make sure that the display is as vibrant as you like. The specs are as follows: The laptop has an i5 processor which is dual-core in nature. The processor provides 3.1 GHz and it has a turbo boost of 3.5 GHz. A 16 GB memory is built into the product.  The display size is 13″ and is available in a silver colour.

HP Spectre X360 13

Key Features –

  • 8TH Generation Processor
  • HP Stylus Pen
  • 40 GB/s Transfer Speed

Next up is the HP Spectre X360 13. When you think of computers, one name that is bound to come to your mind is HP. The brand is known for its premium laptops and computers and Spectre X360 manages to live up to HP’s legacy.  Most of the laptops in the market feature a seventh-generation processor but this is not the case with the Spectre X360 which has an eighth-generation processor. This element provides a laptop with an edge in the market thereby attracting customers. This laptop isn’t just great because of the features built into it, the product is also accompanied by an HP stylus pen.  Now for those of you who do not have an artistic soul, you wouldn’t think much of this edition however anyone who considers themselves to be artsy at all will find the stylus pen the perfect tool for sketching as well as blending. The rest of you can view it as a fancy way of navigating the screen along with writing on it. Another valued feature in a laptop is the rate with which it can transfer data. No one wants to get a product which takes forever to import files, this might be why the manufacturers of the laptop have equipped it with a 40 GB per second transfer speed (40 GB/s) – This is achieved by the addition of three Thunderbolt ports. If you have used the previous versions of the Spectre before, in terms of design you will feel that this laptop is slightly thinner than the previous one which makes storing and carrying it around a bit easier than before. The specifications are as follows:  The processor is an i7. An Intel graphics card is included in the laptop. The size of the display is 13.3 inches and the resolution is 4K with the display being touchscreen.

Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop

Key Features –

  • Black CNC Aluminium Exterior – Robustness
  • 4K Panel
  • Robust Keyboard
  • THX Certification

Lastly is a Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop. Being a gamer means that finding the perfect laptop usually becomes a little too hard. This is because an avid gamer requires additional features like a better storage space, resolution speed and performance – The Razer Blade Pro aims to deliver such functions to its users.  As far as the design of the laptop is concerned, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary. It has a black CNC aluminium exterior – the use of this material does ensure the robustness of the laptop which is one of the most sought-after qualities by gamers.  The 4K panel of this laptop is enough to get your heart beating faster. All individuals who are avid gamers would relate to the fact that the quality of the game plays a huge role in the overall experience – Razer makes sure that your experience is as great as it can be and it does so by providing you with a high-resolution display. The keyboard included has been successful in being robust which means that you don’t need to worry about the keyboard breaking halfway owning to its inability to bear your intense usage. The quality of the add-ons and the built-in elements also make the overall package a cost-effective and convenient one for the masses.  Additionally the laptop has a THX certification which in layman’s terms this can be translated into the products ability to be used with high performance headphones.  The specifications are as follows – The display size is 17.3 inches. The quad core processor included is a 7th generation. The touch display has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels (4K). The Thunderbolt 3 allows for smart connectivity. 32 GB memory is included in the laptop and the keyboard features an anti-ghosting mechanism.

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